The group

Italian forging group is a brand born in 2018 as a result of a partnership agreement between Stamperia Mazza and De.Mo.tec. engineering located in Canzo, Italy.
A collaboration that has allowed our group to establish itself as a leader in the production of carbon steel, alloyed, stainless steel, nickel alloys, titanium alloys and light alloys.
A sector where Stamperia Mazza and De.Mo.tec. have been operating for over sixty years, during which they have been able to conquer an increasingly wider market in the national scene.

Italian Forging Group has a production area of more than 3.500 square meterswith 45 employees divided between Stamperia Mazza and De.Mo.tec.

Stamperia Mazza
De.Mo.tec. engineering

Thanks to their highly qualified and motivated workforce, together with state of the art machineries and market technology, Italian Forging Group is constantly able to update and produce a broad range of products in the hot forging field, starting from raw materials: for example, scissors, garden utensils, tractor components, automotive and mechanical industry components and items for wind turbines. The Group has the capacity to produce items of any different weights - from 2 grams up to 50 kilograms, in accordance with customers' requirements from materials such as steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and aluminum materials.

As a result of close cooperation between Stamperia Mazza and De.Mo.tec., Italian Forging Group is able to perform all the production phases directly in its own plants, starting from design throughout the final production of the finished products, from raw material (round bars, square bars, rolled steel).

Stamperia Mazza and De.Mo.tec. count on modern machineries (fly press, forging drop –hammer etc) enabling the fulfilment of customers' requirements through different working processes: hot forging, cold forging, turning, deep drawing pressing, milling, melting, micro melting and pressing melting.
Thanks to the use of high technology machineries, such as the MAKINO milling machine and Fidia drop forge of 80 kjouls and a fly-press of 1600 tons, the Group consistently produces pieces of the highest quality.

Italian Forging Group is also able to satisfy customer requirements by developing post-production orders in partnership with suppliers specialized in mechanical interventions, heat treatments and surface coatings.

All the necessary production equipment is located within our Company. Direct and continuous control of production is handled by qualified internal personnel, supported by new machineries and the latest technology.

Constant attention to technological evolution, respect of the agreed times and maximum availability to accommodate the customer's needs are the pillars that have always characterized the company philosophy of Stamperia Mazza and De.Mo.Tec., key strengths of our organization.